Although our state has achieved health care standards, similar to developed countries, it is a fact of life that a situation has arisen in which people are afflicted with deadly health problems due to lifestyle deficiencies. It is a scientific fact that a person who achieves complete physical fitness will perform his work with greater vigor and find happiness in life, no matter whichever field he is in. it is observed that a diseases inflicted body will paralyze all abilities. But with physical and mental fitness, permanent relief from disease is made possible. Today, there exists a situation where lifestyle diseases are on the rise. The main reason for this is the lack of exercise in daily life. There are people working in different walks of life in our society.

As mentioned, lifestyle diseases are on the rise in our society todayS. Many people are engaged in exercise as part of their life but it is often questionable whether this is implemented in a systematic way. This is where KOA intends to come up with an organized form of exercise that is part of our daily routine. In general, more and more people are practicing walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga and laugher as part of their routine. Of these, walking is the one most peoples choose as part of their routine.Exercise becomes beneficial when they start at a specific time each day and end within a certain time frame and make it a part of their lifestyle.